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Java invoke a .NET Web method whose parameters are passed by reference

Shadi Rafeh
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I have created a .NET web service that has several structures and
webmethods. A sample web method might look like:

// A web method that changes the variable values of the structures
// passed. The structures are defined in the .NET web service.
public void ModifyStructures(ref myStruct1 ms1, ref myStruct2 ms2)
// Change the variable value of the structure ms1
ms1.Attribute_1 = "new Value for 1";

// Change the variable value of the structure ms2
ms2.Attribute_1 = "new Value for 2";

That is I want to change the values of the variables of both structures
and reflect back the changes to the web service consumer (client
application). This can be easily done in a .NET client.

However, I want to invoke the web service from a Java application, and
the changes made by the web method are not reflected back in tha Java
application. That is, after I create, using the Java application,
instances of the structures, and invoke the web method shown above,
however, nothing change.

Is it possible for a java application to invoke a .NET web service
whose method has parameters are passed by reference? Or is passing by
reference in web methods a non-standard extension for web services?

Thanks in advance,

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