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RegEx validation using attibutes

Steve James
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Is there a way to use a regular expression to validate a string in an
object/soap message passed to a web service without performing a full
schema validation? What I would like to do is something like:

public class WebServiceRequest

private string _aString;

[RegexValidation( Pattern="<Regular Expression goes here>")]
public string AString
get{ return _aString; }
set{ _aString = value; }

Does such an attribute or other construct exist which causes the
property to be validated against a regular expression by the web
service infrastructure automatically when the soap request is


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Steve James
Posts: n/a
The [RegexValidation( Pattern="<Regular Expression goes here>")]
attribute doesn't exist - I made it up. I probably didn't make it clear
in my original post, but this is the type of construct I would like to
use if there is one. Just as you can control Xml serialization and
deserialization with attributes such as XmlIgnore and XmlElement I
thought there may be something similar to match a property against a
regular expression.


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