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SOAP spec

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after reading soap specification at w3c i have a few questions

1) you can't use soap-envelope namespace with application specific

since soap schema have not define namespace (env) can use with <MyElement>

inside soap schema -->


indicates that the elements defined by this schema are <Header>

for example: <env:MyElement> --> we cannot use the envlope namespace with

note: <MyElement> is an element generate from my own application

2) in soap schema we have

<xs:schema xmlnss=""

in soap request xml we can delcare using that namespace by

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">

so all element with env namespace will follow rules in soap schema at
is that correct?

at the same time all element in My namespace will follow rules in my new
schema that i define?

3) the above is why we need namespace?

for example -

a) soap-envelope namespace is a set of elements includes <Envelope> <Header>

b) WSDL namespace is for a set of elements <definitions> <types> <message>
<portType> <binding> .. etc etc

c) My own defined namespace is for a set of elements <MyElement> .. etc etc
that i defined.

so namespace can distinguish a set of elements in XML that's defined by
different people?


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Josh Twist
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1.) Your own elements should be in your own namespace. e.g. the stock
HelloWorld example is in the namespace.

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""
<HelloWorldResponse xmlns="">
<HelloWorldResult>Hello World</HelloWorldResult>

2.) Yes, absolutely
3.) Yup, that's exactly what namespaces are for. Each example node
below are different nodes even though they have the same name. The idea
is to stop us developers treading all over each others toes when our
xml documents meet

<container xmlns:ns1="some-namespace" xmlns:ns2="other-namespace"

Note that the above document is semantically identical to the one below
because the prefix (xx doesn't mean anything, it's just short hand
for the namespace itself.

<foo:container xmlns:nonsense="some-namespace"
xmlns:hello="other-namespace" xmlns:foo="default-namespace">


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