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use .net WSE3 COM component in unmanaged prog. language (VB6 or C++ 6)

Florian Harbich
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Hi Codegurus

I hope this is the right group for my problem:

I wrote a COM component in Microsoft Visual C# that communicates
with a ASP.NET Webservice using WSE3.
When I want to use this component in a Visual Basic 6 or unmanaged c++
Application, I always get the error

"Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
Parameter name: Policy '<mypolicyname>' is not configured in the system"

The policy is defined in an wse3policyCache.config file which is referenced
in app.config as usual.

When I compile and run the component as Application
(with Main Method for testing) everything works fine.

It seems that I have to "load" the policy in the application
that uses the component instead of attatching it to the component itself,
but how do I do this as there's no app.config or something alike.


there are 11 kind of people, those who know this joke and laugh, those who
know but don't understand and those who don't even know...
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