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Difference between IIS 5.0 Isolation Mode and IIS 6.0 WP Mode

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Hi Everyone,
I'm building a web service with .NET and IIS 6.0. The service is calling
methods to a COM object which is not thread safe.
When I use a stress tool (Microsoft ACT or WAS) to test the service with IIS
configured in worker process mode, my service "hangs" and I can see thanks to
WinDbg that message boxes are displayed. I'm pretty sure this is due to the
fact that my COM object is not thread safe. Fine. Now if I put in place a
critical section (with a Mutex object) in the service, then it works.
However, if I remove the critical section and if I turn on the "IIS 5.0
Isolation Mode" then it works also.
I have to say that my machine is a 8 processors server, so with IIS 5.0 mode
turned on I get 8 aspnet_wp processes, and with IIS back on Worker process
mode I configured the pool with 8 w3wp processes.

My question is: "why is it working with IIS 6.0 configured in "IIS 5.0
Isolation Mode" ???"

Many thanks in advance.

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