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Thread was being aborted

Prasad Dannani
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I was created a web service which will execute some functions and will do
some database activities related to our project

When i execute this method directly from browser using webservice link it
sometimes throwing "Thread was being aborted" Exception.

If the time taken by the function is less then its giving proper results
else throwing this exception.

There are no redirections inside the code.

My Procedure might take update 1 hour to finish the task.

Actually i also require to do the same from an ASP.NET Application i.e. to
make a request to the web service method and no need to wait for its
response. it should run on its own irrespective of the called function/page.
I done it through ASP.NET but this is also giving the same exception Can
anyone help in this also if possible.

Please reply ASAP,

With Regards,
Prasad Dannani

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