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Using an ASP.NET web service via NTLM authentication

Navin Mishra
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I'm trying to use an ASP.NET web service via NTLM authentication from a WSDL
generated .NET client proxy. From a browser when accessing web service URL
I'm challenged by NTLM access credentials and providing that works. But from
a .NET client that uses WSDL generated .NET client proxy, it does not work
do what I may. I've passed NetworkCredentials using various combinations of
user, domain and password like passing them explicitly, or using domain\user
comibnation but no luck. I always get 401 Unauthorized error. I'm using .NET
1.1, IIS 6 and WSE 2.0 SP3. The WSDL generated web service client proxy is
using WSE 2.0 SP3 btw.

I'm stuck on this. Any ideas appreciated!

Thanks in advance and regards


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