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Post file to ASP.NET causes HTTP 500: Internal Server Error

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Hi all

New to ASP.NET and liking it so far, but now I'm getting desperate.

I've developed a very simple website with two pages. The first one
lets you select a file on your (client) PC. Clicking the submit button
then sends this file to the second page where it is inserted into a
database. This second page is to be used by a supplier who will send
XML data to the second page from their database.

Now the following happens:
1) When the supplier uses the interactive version, everything works
2) When the supplier submits their data straight to the second page
using a POST, they get "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error".
3) When I test the second page from another machine on our network
using the cURL command line tool, it works fine.

I have tried all the following:
1) made sure that no firewall is interfering. Eventually resorted to
"let everything through" and still errors
2) reinstalled IIS 5.0 on the Windows 2000 Professional server
3) updated the .NET framework to the most recent patch
4) verified all the permissions of ASPNET and IUSR_... users; all seems
5) Went through all the knowledge base articles to no avail

Other symptoms:
1) The event log shows no problems relating to this
2) When I replace the second page with an empty ASP.NET page, our
supplier is still getting error 500
3) When I remove the page, the web server logs a 404 upon the
supplier's POST

Can anyone shed any light on this? Or give some indication on where to
start looking next? I'm afraid all the obvious paths are exhausted...
Is there any way of getting IIS to log to a plain and simple text file
what it is trying to do when the POST comes in from the supplier?

Thanks in advance,

Stephane Lobet

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