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Change search path.

Kevin Burton
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I have several web services and they all rely on the assemblies in a root
directory. Right now I have something like:

web service B
web service C
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Dan Rogers
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Hi Kevin,

A few options you have that are pretty simple include copying the DLL's
into the bin directory for each application, or if you want only one copy
of the DLL on the system, place it where you like and add it to the GAC.
To add to the GAC, the assembly will need to have a strong name, and you
will want to consider whether you want both applications locked around that
DLL. Once in the GAC, all requests for a particular assembly (not found in
the local directory) will be resolved to the GAC copy. This means that if
you want to update the DLL, you'll need to implement a versioning policy or
take both applications off line.

Hope this helps,

Dan Rogers
Microsoft Corporation
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>I have several web services and they all rely on the assemblies in a root
>directory. Right now I have something like:
> web service B
> web service C
> .
>Where 'web service B' is a sub directory of A containing the .asmx files,
>the resource files, global asmx, etc. The assemblies that support each of

>web services are currently in A so in order for 'web service B' to find

>assemblies I would need to add something like <probing privatePath="..">

>web.config in order for the assemblies to be found. The <probing> element
>specifically prohibits specifying anything but sub-directories. Any ideas

>how I might solve this problem or restructure my app? Could I point the
>virtual directory to say 'web service B' and have the application base be

>directory up (in A)? If so how?
>Thank you.
>Kevin Burton

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