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<wsdlHelpGenerator> causing problems with web-service references !?!

Alfred B. Thordarson
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I have then been using Visual Studio to auto-create web service
references to my .asmx files. But all my Reference.cs files are
referring to the same .asmx file after I add the <wsdlHelpGenerator>
to my web.config file.

I have been using the <wsdlHelpGenerator href="..."/> in my web.config
file to create my own custom test page for my .asmx web services. This
seems to be working well for all the four .asmx files that are in my
web application.

But the problem is that in my Windows Application, where I have been
using Visual Studio to auto-create web service references to these
..asmx files, all of them are now referring to the same .asmx file !?!

What happens is that, for some reason, no matter which of these four
..asmx files I try to create a reference to, a reference is always
created to the same .asmx file !?!

If I remove the <wsdlHelpGenerator> from the web.config then it works
again. And all the references are created to the different .asmx files
but not all to the same one?

I have searched the web but can't find a reason or solution, hope
someone out there has had this problem, and has solved it

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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Alfred B. Thordarson
Posts: n/a
I figured this out.

The only think not mentioned "anywhere" regarding changing the default
WSDL Help Page Generator, is that it can't simply produce any html.
The HTML page produced by your custom WSDL Help Page Generator must
contain the following line, in the header:

<link rel="alternate" type="text/xml" href="Basics.asmx?disco">

.... and I had accidentally copied this line from the original
DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx, and it had the 'href' tag fixed. This
meant that all my .asmx files produced HTML that linked to the same
disco file

Hope this helps someone else.

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