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How can I use a Class in WebService and Client Application

Bernd Brenner
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Hi there,

I have a class SyncDB (see code below), which I want to use in both a
WebService AND in a Client Application.

But when creating the proxy class via wsdl.exe, I only can use the
Property "I". All the member functions of the class SyncDB seem not to
be usable on the client application.

Is there a solution for my problem? I tried to make a class library
with all the classes which are used in both projects (windows app as
client and web service). But I cannot reference the library from both

Thanks in advance,

Bernd from Munich

class SyncDB
private int i;

public int I
get { return i; } set { i = value;} }

public string myFunc
return "That's Me";
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