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calling unmanged c-dll from webservice

Nicki Carstensen
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hi all

I have a class that hooks up to a matlab engine dll that looks something
like this:
class MatlabConn
IntPtr engine;

static extern IntPtr engOpen(string startcmd);

engine = engOpen(null);
if(engine == IntPtr.Zero)
throw new NullReferenceException("engine creation failed");
When the code is used in a winform app it works perfectly, but when i
try to use it in a webservice, the call til engOpen returns null and
thus the exception is thrown. engOpen is supposed to start a Matlab
provcess and as far as I understand it does so via COM but the
libeng.dll is not a COM-dll itself. I've tried to switch impersonation
context like this:

void DoStuff()
IntPtr hToken;
LogonUser("Administrator", ".", "pass", 3, 0, out hToken);
WindowsIdentity id = new WindowsIdentity(hToken);
WindowsImpersonationContext wic = id.Impersonate();
MatlabConn matlab = new MatlabConn();
Then it works fine, but I'm not very fond of having to use the local
administrator account directly in code.
Is there a way to use a non-admin user instead og the admin, or is it
possible to allow the aspnet/network serivce account to launch the
matlab process?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the novel

Nicki Carstensen
remove the car in my email
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