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Debugging Dotnet Web Application

J. Paquette
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This may be an exercise in futility otherwise I would already have
found the answer, but what the heck. Here's the scenario:

I maintain a website programmed in C# using the .Net framework. I
have the global asax file configured to grab the InnerException
message and send me an email when an error is encountered on the site.
This does a good job of telling me the page and type of problem, but
in certain circumstances is utterly useless because I cannot find a
way to produce the line number of the actual code where the error

I've already tried getting the info from the stacktrace but all I get
is information from the asax file that is sending me the email (that
is the stackframe.GetLineNumber returns the line in the asax where the
stacktrace is referenced).

If there is anyone out there in googleland that can sympathize with my
plight and provide me with a nice explanation of how to do this or why
it is not possible I would be most appreciative.
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