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Proxy class for an Axis Web Service

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Hello All

I am trying to develop the proxy class for an Axis Web Service which is based on Document/Literal binding. I have hand coded my WSDL and tried generating the proxy class using WSDL.exe but was not successful.

I am using an external XSD file to validate the SOAP messages in my WSDL. I am getting the following errors

Error: There was an error processing 'http://......./XXX/NS2We
- The document at the url http://....../XXX//NS2WebService/D
HelloWorld.wsdl was not recognized as a known document type
The error message from each known type may help you fix the problem
- Report from 'WSDL Document' is 'There is an error in XML document (38, 1).'
- There are multiple root elements. Line 38, position 2
- Report from 'DISCO Document' is 'Discovery document at the URL http://..../XXX/NS2WebService/DSHelloWorld.wsdl could not be found.'
- The document format is not recognized
- Report from 'XML Schema' is 'Expected Schema root. Make sure that the root el
ment is <schema> and the namespace is '' for a
XSD schema or 'urn:schemas-microsoft-comml-data' for an XDR schema. An error
ccurred at (2, 2).'

Any pointers

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