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Web Service Install/Uninstall/Reinstall - Not Initialising (

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Software Description
Area :- IIS 5.1 \ .NET Framework 2003 (1.1) \ Web Service
We have developed a WEB Service that is responsible for receiving data from various .NET sources
Language = c# - not that it should matter
The WEB Service is installed within IIS using the usual setup program as provided for in the MS Visual Studio.NET 2003 IDE
A virtual folder is created under wwwroot
The WEB Service is running under it's own namespace - NOT [WebService(Namespace="http://oururl/webservices/")
It has 2 functions
It CREATES a file in the Virtual Folder for configuration settings - this file is not placed there by the install program
Operation is normal until you uninstall, and then re-install the WEB Service

When the WEB Service is installed once on a clean machine (Just set-up), it works fine
When the WEB Service is un-installed, and then re-installed, the WEB Service will not initialize properly

There are no compile error logs within the sub-directories in C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Tempo rary ASP.NET Files\... In-fact, everything looks fine

The following steps produced some unexpected and strange results
Uninstall the WEB Service. [Checked and the Virtual directory has been removed
Reboot the machine
Install the WEB Service again
Test with IE on the local machine. = Not Work
Give the ASPNET login full access to the Virtual directory
Test with IE on local machine = Works fine
Restart the machine
Test with IE on the local machine. = Not Work
Verify that the permissions do in fact still exist. = Yes
Remove the ASPNET login from the Virtual directory
Test with IE on local machine = Works fine
Test with IE on the local machine. = Not Work
And so on and so on
In fact - changing permissions to any login/group that has access to the Virtual Folder (incl. everybody) makes it work fine, untill the machine is rebooted. Stopping and starting IIS does not change this state

Further - The following speps fixed the problem in Win XP Pro
1 - Uninstall the WEB Service
2 - Ensure that the Virtual Folder has been removed
3 - Use MetaEdit to remove the WebService form IIS's metabase
4 - Use Regedit to remove the WebService from the registry
5 - Uninstall .NET 1.1 framework
6 - Reboot
7 - Install .NET 1.1. framework
8 - Install the WEB Service again
From here on out - it works fine (XP Pro only)(IIS 5.5) - These steps have no affect on Win 2000 Server (IIS 5.0)
NOTE - Cannot replicate problem in Win 2003 (IIS 6) - always works

Also tried to use the "Fix Application" facility in the .Net 1.1 Configuration tool using the Web.Config file as the app to fix - no help whatsoever

Unfortunately this is running in production on 5 Win 2000 servers, one of which the web service was uninstalled and re-installed on - so the XP Pro fix is not going to help and our client refuses to change to Win 2003

Anybody else have this happening
Any Ideas ?
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Posts: n/a
Oops - posted twice.
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