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problems debuging "web parts"

Manish Soni
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Following is the process I am using for debugging the web parts on the
server side:

1. I built the debug binaries and installed the debug "dlls" in the global
assembly cache.

2. Also I put the symbol files(.pdb) in the install location.

3. In the debugging properties of the project I set "ASP.NET debugging to
true" and 'Start_url' as "http://<server_name>".

4. Then when I start debugging, the portal page does not come and error is:
"Unable to start debugging on web server, the project is not configured to
be debugged."

5. Then I set "debug=true" in the web.config file in "c:\inetpub\wwwroot".
After doing this when I start debugging, and launch portal following error
is reported:

"Debugging is not supported under current trust level setting"

6. I tried to find its solution, and generally solutions suggest changing
the value of 'trust' in web.config file to "Full".

I did the same, but after doing this when I launch the debugger following
error is shown on the portal for each 'web part':

"Web Part Error: A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Web Part Page cannot
be displayed or imported because it is not registered on this site as safe."

Can you please tell what can be the problem? Also is the way I am following
for debugging correct?


Manish Soni


IW New Markets


ph: 55113224

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