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Offline synch using XML web-services

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This is a bit long-winded. Can somebody read thru these 2 use cases, and
tell me if it is feasible ? :-

Use Case : Replication before Offline Synch

Scenario 1 : Oracle Server , MSDE client

1. User clicks on 'Go Offline'. System creates a MSDE SQL database in
laptop (client), gets the schemas of the tables in Oracle, creates
corresponding tables in client's MSDE SQL (mapping Oracle datatypes to SQL
2. Offline replication program reads in the tables of the server into a
typed datasets, converts the typed datasets into XML, and stores the XML in
the client. (XML serialization).
3. After all the tables have been converted into serialized XML files,
another client side program reads these XML files, and updates them into the
SQL server. The question is , will ADO.NET's XML classes know how to convert
the datatypes of Oracle into the datatypes of SQL ?

Use Case : Offline Synch

Scenario 1 : Oracle server , MSDE client

1. User is offline. He makes transactions. These transactions are stored in
a log table in MSDE database in client laptop.
2. When user connects to his web application on the internet, clicks on
'Synch' button, the synch program converts the log data into XML, and sends
them as SOAP to a web-service. The web-service reads the data and converts
into a typed dataset , and then updates the dataset to the Oracle database
in the server. Again, the question is, will ADO.NET automatically convert
the datatypes of MSDE to Oracle ?

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