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Bart Malfait
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we want to access a webservice using https using (IE6). Is
this possible ?

Scenario: we've set up a server (W2K, .NET 1.1, latest SP's) with a
test-certificate (generated with makecert.exe). We also installed the
certificate as a trusted authority on the client (W2K, .NET 1.1, latest
SP's). Calling https://MyServer/ServiceTest/MyWebService.asmx?wsdl in the
client's IE succeeds. As expected, no pop-up anymore warning on an
unauthorized certificate. So far so good.

However, if we invoke the same URL in a piece of javascript in an html page,
using, we get a 'service not available' error. Replacing
'https' with 'http' succeeds. SSL-port is default on the server (443). Both
the javascript & are installed locally on the client (see
also below)

Any ideas what may go wrong are very appreciated !

FYI - client html page using

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
<title>New Page 2</title>
var webServiceNameSpace;
var webService;

function loadWebService()
webServiceNameSpace = document.namespaces.add("webServiceNS",


if (webServiceNameSpace != "complete") {
webServiceNameSpace .attachEvent("onreadystatechange",
else {

function createWebService()
var useOptions;

if (webServiceNameSpace .readyState == "complete")
webService = document.createElement("webServiceNS:webservice"); = "_servicegateway";
webService.visibility = "none";
useOptions = webService.createUseOptions(true);

"myWebService", useOptions);
webService.myWebService.callService(handleResponse ,

function handleResponse(result)

<body onload = "loadWebService()"> ... </body>


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Bart Malfait
Posts: n/a
Feedback: under the cover "Microsoft.XMLHttp" is used and POST'ing from an
insecure to a secure website is not allowed.

For more background: check

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