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Proxy object error

Jon De Long
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I have created a relatively simple (client-side) application that accesses
several web services from a server. I am using proxy objects to reference
these services in the main (root) object:

Private m_objSessionServices As SessionServices.SessionServices

Private m_objDataServices As DataServices.DataServices

After the appropriate checks/tests I instantiate these variables. Fifteen
minutes later however, I get an unhandled exception telling me that the
previous two variables no longer reference any object ("Object reference not
set to an instance of an object"). This exception occurs while the
application is idle, that is, there is no code to break to, add exception
handlers to, or trap events at. Why do these variables lose their proxy
connection after 15 minutes? Any ideas?

I created the (client-side) app in VS 2003 (.NET Framework 1.1) on XP Pro
(client side)

Jon De Long

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Posts: n/a
Looks like some time out.
Take a look at

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