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Can't retrieve Code value SoapException in client application

Jethro Waanders
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I've written an ASP.NET webservice. I try to recognize the type of the
original exception in my client application bij setting the Code
property of the SoapException.

Code client application:

>Catch Ex As Exception
> If TypeOf Ex Is SoapException Then
> Dim SoapEx As SoapException = CType(Ex, SoapException)
> ...

Until here it's working because my debugger reaches the Dim statement.
So it's a SoapException. BUT: SoapEx.Code.Name contains not the value
i've given in the webmethod but the value "Server". SoapEx.Message
contains the value "Server was unable to process request. --> The
surrogate pair is invalid."

What i'm doing wrong ???

The Code property in the webservice is filled in by throwing an
exception of type MyAppSoapException:

>Public Class MyAppSoapException
> Inherits SoapException
> Sub New(ByRef Exc As UpdateException)
> MyBase.New(Exc.Message, New System.Xml.XmlQualifiedName("DataError"))
> End Sub

Can anybody please help me ?

Jethro Waanders
The Netherlands
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