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Webservice Load Test

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i have created webservice which is hosting in the server with 512 MB
RAM, single 2.4 Ghz XEON processor with 2 MB SDSL internet line. this
webservice will accept soap call from my customer who using Microsoft SOAP
Toolkit 2.0 in vb6 and return a string value 0 if there is no error in the
soap message. the accept soap will create and running into the thread.

during the thread process, the database value need to be retrieve and will
assign into the webservice (web reference to customer's wsdl server) to be
sent out.

this performance of this flow is pretty stable and good if just 1- 100 soap
process and sent in the same second. but, customer complaim that there had
encounter time-out message when they try to sent out 1000 soap request and
encounter time-out at around 150 soap request.
can the expert out there tell me what is the possible cause of the error ?

my setting of the web reference & .net framework 1.1 is as below
1. machine.config - default setting
2. web reference time-out (in millisecond) - 600000
3. in my procedure, i will create the new instance and dispose it after
Dim oWsdl as new cust1.ResultClass
dim status as integer
owsdl.timeout = 60000
status = owsdl.ReturnResult(xxxx as string, xxxx as and etc)
owsdl = nothing
........ some code to update the status into db

aspnet_wp.exe is working normall from 23MB to 100 MB

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