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Recieve a file via HTTP POST to a webservice

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I am trying to upload a file from a form via POST to a
webservice (VB.NET).

If I set enctype='multipart/form-data' on the form I get a
500 error.

If I don't the submission results in a error saying that
the file cannot be converted to type Byte.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

My html form code is:

<h3> Upload Shape File </h3>
<hr />
<form name='uploadShape' method='POST'
pe' >
Name: <input name='shapeName'
type='text' /> <br />
shp file: <input name='shp()'
type='file' /> <br />
<input type='submit'
value='Upload' />

My webmethod is:

<WebMethod()> Public Function addShape(ByVal shp() As
Byte, ByVal shapeName As String, ByVal authUser As String,
ByVal authPwd As String) As String
Dim shapeRoot As String = "c:\"
'Dim memStream As New System.IO.MemoryStream
'Dim fStream As New System.IO.FileStream
(shapeRoot & shapeName & ".shp",


'fStream = Nothing
'memStream = Nothing
Return "OK"

Catch e As Exception
Return e.Message
End Try
End Function

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