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Using alternate web servers

Nida Farid
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Does anyone know how I can use a different web server in
ASP .NET webservice. I do not want to use IIS. I have
GoAhead. When I tried to access the .asmx file using
GoAhead as my webserver, I ended up with the source code
for the file, instead of the display page for my web
service. Could someone make suggestions for what I should
do to make this work?
I got the following output when I compiled my code.
nochkclr.obj : warning LNK4099: PDB 'libc.pdb' was not
found with 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
2003\Vc7\lib\nochkclr.obj' or at 'C:\ws030325
\web\Converter\Debug\libc.pdb'; linking object as if no
debug info
Deploying the web files...
vcdeploy : error VCD0041: IIS must be installed on this
machine in order for this program to function correctly.

However, when I recompiled it, it succeeded.
Please help me. I appreciate any help at this point.

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Microsoft is farily secretive about their parsers and such. The only server,
other than IIS, that would likely support ASP.NET is Apache, if you Google
for the proper plugin. Otherwise, I'd live with IIS, and keep it patched.

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