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ObjectDataSource - Complex binding

Ladislav Mrnka
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is there any straighforward easy way to use ObjectDataSource for two-way
binding of complex objects (non-flat objects).

I made simple proof of concept. It is possible to use FormView which binds
to complex object (main ObjectDataSource) - this FormView contains same basic
controls for flat part and ListView where each Item is represented by nested
FormView (all items are editable all the time) with its own ObjectDataSource.
Nested data sources use DataObject from main data source as their data access
class. I also had to implement lot of event handlers to make this work.

This implementation is so difficult and error prone so I decided not to use
it at all. Is there any easyer way to achieve this? I will probably implement
this without two-way data binding.

Note: My data object contains preset subobjects which all have to be
editable at the same time like the "header" part. Solution like Wizard is not

I don't like design where I need to separate "header" and repeatable items
into two parts - like FormView with separate DataSource for "header" and
ListView with second separate DataSource for repeatable items.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,

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