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Why is everything so darned declarative?

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The question I ask somewhat rhetorically. It deals with the Gridview and
DetailsView controls. A while back I wanted to put these two guys on a page
and make use of the model for data binding meaning using DataSource Property.
No angle brackets no datasource controls just code. I also wanted to define
all columns programmatically (no declarative stuff). To complicate matters I
needed to embed dropdowns so I needed custom templates and again done
completely programmatically.

I also wanted input maskedits for the DetailsView control and of course,
done programmatically. Astonishingly, this information was very difficult to
get even a partially clear answer to. All examples seem to be based on the
new declarative mode with nearly nothing done programmatically. Did I miss
the memo? When was it ordained that we’re no longer programmers and instead
are subjugated to a life of angle brackets?

It may be that I am an IDIOT and just not great at finding or using my
resources. So I asked once again. If I asked you the above question what
resource would you recommend for me to look at in order to get my

As I said before the question is asked rhetorically because it has been a
month since I first asked this question on one of this forums and got nearly
nothing in the way of an answer and certainly nothing useful. So I had to
piece it together very painfully from reading a dozen books and some
references from the MSDN library and a few helpful links on the web. The
MSDN offered the most help specially when creating dynamic templates but it
was very raw information and it was not directly applicable to detailsview
control. So I had to put that together by trial and error. The experience
with VS2003 and the datagrid help me very much here. The point is that
without my experience it would be doubtful I would have achieved what I
wanted to do and I find this amazing.

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