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GridView ITemplate Columns

Chuck P
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I have a GridView and I want to add a Column that has Edit save Cancel Button
in it.
I created the ITemplate column and the button gets created.
However, I can't get the grid to go into Edit mode.
I noticed that the GridView1_RowCommand does not fire.
I do this in the page load because the column seems to stay on a post back,
but the controls do not.

page load

if (m_GridView.Columns[m_GridView.Columns.Count - 1].HeaderText
== "Action")
m_GridView.Columns.RemoveAt(m_GridView.Columns.Cou nt - 1);

TemplateField tf = new TemplateField();
tf.HeaderText = "Action";

// create a Template Field for the Edit Column
tf.ItemTemplate =
new GridViewInsertRowTemplate(TemplateType.ItemTemplat e,
allowEdit, allowDelete);
tf.EditItemTemplate =
new GridViewInsertRowTemplate(TemplateType.EditItemTem plate,
allowEdit, allowDelete);


public class GridViewInsertRowTemplate : ITemplate

private TemplateType m_templateType;
private bool m_AllowUpdate;
private bool m_AllowDelete;

public GridViewInsertRowTemplate(TemplateType templateType, bool
allowUpdate, bool allowDelete)

m_templateType = templateType;
m_AllowUpdate = allowUpdate;
m_AllowDelete = allowDelete;


public void InstantiateIn(System.Web.UI.Control container)
switch (m_templateType)
case TemplateType.ItemTemplate:
if (m_AllowUpdate)
Button btnUpdate = new Button();
btnUpdate.ID = "btnUpdate";
btnUpdate.Text = "Update";
btnUpdate.CommandName = "Edit";
btnUpdate.CausesValidation = false;
if (m_AllowDelete)
Button btnDelete = new Button();
btnDelete.ID = "btnDelete";
btnDelete.Text = "Delete";
btnDelete.CommandName = "Delete";
btnDelete.CausesValidation = false;
btnDelete.OnClientClick = "return
window.confirm('Are you sure you want to delete specified discipline?');";

case TemplateType.EditItemTemplate:
Button btnSave = new Button();
btnSave.ID = "btnSave";
btnSave.Text = "Save";
btnSave.CommandName = "Update";

Button btnCancel = new Button();
btnCancel.ID = "btnCancel";
btnCancel.Text = "Cancel";
btnCancel.CommandName = "Cancel";
btnCancel.CausesValidation = false;




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Steven Cheng[MSFT]
Posts: n/a
Hi Chuck,

As for the custom TemplateField's Item/EditTemplate, I have performed some
test on myside, I think the Template class should be correct since it works
correctly in my test page. Maybe the problem is due to how you create and
add the custom template or the TemplateField in to GridView.Columns
collection? here is my test page's column creation codelogic, I put it in
Page_Init event, you can also have a test to see whether it works:

protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
TemplateField tf1 = new TemplateField();
tf1.HeaderText = "My template field";

tf1.ItemTemplate = new
GridViewInsertRowTemplate(TemplateType.ItemTemplat e,true, true);

tf1.EditItemTemplate = new
GridViewInsertRowTemplate(TemplateType.EditItemTem plate, true, true);



If there is any other finding, please feel free to post here.


Steven Cheng

Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead


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