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Customizing TreeView control appearance ( 2.0)
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I want to use a TreeView control as a one-level, vertical navigation
menu. I'm using this control currently with a SiteMapDataSource
and .sitemap file. I've written code that associates an image with
each TreeView node based upon a custom attribute I have included in
the siteMapNode nodes of my .sitemap file. This all works as desired,
including the security trimming which is especially desired behavior.
The nodes of the TreeView displays, from left to right, an image and
the title text (both from the .sitemap file).

What I want to do differently is to place the title text UNDER the
associated image, instead of to the right of it. The overall effect
is to have all the TreeView nodes (images and text) either centered or
left justified. I want to use the TreeView in this manner as it
(assuming I can get this to work) will give me a nice-looking,
vertical menu that doesn't take up a lot of horizontal space. In
other words, this will be used as an icon-based "menu strip" that will
run down the left side of my website. It will just happen to have
text under each icon. I want to use the TreeView control since it
ties in nicely with the 2.0 security model (i.e. security

I suppose I could write a custom control that does all of this, but
I'd like to make the TreeView control work since all this security
functionality is already built-in. I can also use the 2.0
Menu control, if it is easier to achieve the results I want with that
control. Any help would be much appreciated.


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