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Re: Inheritance with webpages

Jo Inferis
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Geir Sanne wrote:
> im trying to make a set of pages that has a banner on top and a left
> menu in all pages.

Ah, the old global template issue. Dead easy to do in classic ASP, but a
serious pain in the ass with far.

Master pages should solve the problem, but they're not out yet, so I'd
suggest looking at :

Basically this describes a templating solution which roughly parallels
Master pages but you can implement now with the current release. Best of
all, it keeps your design and code separate (which the other solutions
mentioned in this thread fail to do).

I've found it a fairly good solution so far. There may be some problems with
contained LinkButtons, but I have a feeling that is something to do with the
current implementation of ASP.NET, and not this solution.

Jo Inferis

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