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Minimum height of web controls
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How do I make custom controls that inherit webcontrol display a smaller
width or height than 16pixels in the designer? I tried overriding the
width property but to no avail. The correct pixel size is shown as text
but the control width or height remains at 16 pixels.How can I lower
the minimum width/height of webcontrols?

I have created a couple of child controls that inherit WebControl and
these controls will be absolutely positioned since they show prosess
control elements for plant information systems etc. Because I display
various kinds of graphics in my controls ( e.g ) vertical/horizontal
bars, graphs etc ( yes I'm using the canvas element + excanvas ) I need
some controls to be fairly thin and small. In the question of a bar I
want the designer display the actual width even its smaller than 16

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Posts: n/a
Could anyone please help me with this one? Am I completely off the
rails with this question or is it just that noone knows.

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