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BaseValidator - How to stop it from rendering "visibility:hidden"

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I'm creating a Validator that inherits from BaseValidator. This
validator is using Callbacks (ASP.NET 2.0)

I'm able to send the callback and recieve the data that i want but have
been scratching my head as to why i can't simply assigne the returned
value (which is the value to be assiged to the style.visibility
property of a span element) to my span element's style.visibility

I've figured out that the BaseValidator is rendering the "visibility:
hidden" style to the control and for some reason this makes any
assignment in JavaScript useless!

1. I know my values are being set to the style.visibility property! I
have tested the property after assignment
2. The "visibility: hidden style" is viewable in ViewSource in IE

1. Why is it so! (Why can't i assign the value to an element that has
that style rendered already) (Just expressing my confusion. I know i'm
out of context!)
2. Can i stop the BaseValidator rendering the "visibility: hidden

I would appreciate any light on this as i've been going for about 8
hours on this...

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