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Name and ID attributes of the server HTMLControls

Parag Mahajan
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I am having trouble in assigning "id" as well as the "name" attribute for
the 2.0 webcontrol I am developing.

Consider my control below:
public class MyWebControl : WebControl
divCtrl = new HtmlGenericControl("div");
HtmlInputText t = new HtmlInputText();
t.Attributes["name"] = "textboxnameAttrName";
t.Attributes["id"] = "textboxnameAttrID";

For this, I get the following output HTML.

<span id="MyWebControl1"><div><input name="ctl03" type="text"
id="textboxnameAttrID" /></div></span>

My question over here is, why does the name attribute of the input html
element is "ctl03" and not "textboxnameAttrName" (the one which I set it
programmatically). I even tried with the below statement

t.Name = "textboxname";

I still get the same output as above..


I have one more question here, is that when I set the property "ID" of the
HtmlInputText control, it also sets the "name" attribute of the rendered
HTML text box to be the same as "id" attribute. (This is what MSDN also
says.) But I did not understand why is this such a behaviour.

When I have the following lines in the control,
t.ID = "textboxnameAttrID";
t.Attributes["name"] = "textboxnameAttrName";

the output HTML is :
<span id="MyWebControl1"><div><input name="IDText" type="text" id="IDText"
type="text" /></div></span>

Can anyone please let me know, why is this such a behaviour?
For the ASP.Net control, can I not set "id" as well as the "name" attribute
as per my requirement.?

By this, I mean I want the HTML output to be like this,
<span id="MyWebControl1"><div><input name="textboxnameAttrName" type="text"
id="textboxnameAttrID" /></div></span>

Thanks and Regards,

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