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Property of abstract type doesn't deserialize properly

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Does anybody know how the ASP.NET designer serializes/deserializes
properties of abstract type? I have a property of type Editor.
TextEditor and ImageEditor are derived from Editor which is abstract.
On my control, I have a property that is of type Editor.
public Editor Editor

When it serializes it to the design time HTML it does so like this:

<DateColumn Hidden="False" Enabled="False">
<Editor DatasourceId="dadasdfsf"></Editor>

However, it doesn't save any type information. When I try open the form
again in the design view it tries to create an Editor object and
obviously fails since Editor is abstract.

How do I hook the CreateInstance for this? I've tried TypeConverters
but it wont call my CreateInstance method.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm losing it on this one.


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