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datagrid itemIndex cell reference

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I'm making first, last, next, prev buttons that are outside of the datagrid.
The labels/buttons that are assigned value/commands respectively based on
which row of the datagrid is selected (which only needs to have dataBind on
the first page load). Then, if the button outside the datagrid is pushed, I
want it to go to the correct row of the datagrid and display a hidden cell of
the datagrid in a label field. What is the correct syntax for pulling a
datagrid's hidden column based on a button click outside of the datagrid? If
you look at the code below, the correct row in the datagrid is highlighted
when I push the next button, but I can't get the syntax right to have the
lblPgTitle display the hidden cell of the datagrid. (datagrid cell
specifically is DataField="pgTitle")

sub pgNext(sender as object, e as eventArgs)
dim n as integer=cint(lblNext.text)
end sub

Tried another tack going through the onSelectedItemChanged in the datagrid

Sub navNav(Sender as object, e as eventArgs)
Dim itemTitle As TableCell =
End sub

but get an error of identifer expected.

Any ideas? There's got to be a way to reference it.
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