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A strange JScript behavior

Maris Janis Vasilevskis
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Of course, I know, that the old WebControls are unsupported (I use copyrighted 2000-2003)
However, it seems to be a JScript problem (I use IE 6.0 with all updates).
The problem seems to be with some too early destroy when function called in return statement.

My task is to find node index from node data at client side.
My solution:

function NodeIndexFromNodeData(parentNode,aNodeData) {
var children=parentNode.getChildren();
var i,n=children.length;
var node, nodeData;
var s;
for(i=0;i<n;i++) {
// s=node.getNodeIndex();
if(nodeData==anodeData) return node.getNodeIndex();
if(s) return s;
return '';

As written, MyDebugOutput shows s=null after correct data found.
If I uncomment the nonfunctional assignment before return, everything works.

Any ideas?


P.S. I have also a true TreeView problem. Maybe somebody has any experience with the unsupported version?
I cannot retrieve text attribute from a node which never has been visible.

I create my tree at server side (NET 1.1) with a command set like
node=new TreeNode();

When I process the tree at client side, I can apply to a node commands
However, node.getAttribute("Text"); throws exception.

My current workaround: set "expanded" to true for all nodes till desired, and only then

I wonder whether anybody knows some way to activate attributes without visual expanding.
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