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Nav w/User Control Issue: Link on ucHeader different events depending on page?

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Question: Is there a way to tell from what page the link was clicked from, if
the link lives in a user control ?

I have a ucHeader in .Net 2003 that has a linkbutton as well as a menu bar above
with a home hyperlink.

When on the main pg, the link dynamically displays "Go Up a Level"

When on a "Show Rank" pg, it dynamically displays "Go Back" which on init of the
Rank page sets the returnView = true

I can see that the "sender" has a page value, {ASP.Main...} but I can't seem to
capture that element.

More Details.... follow:

I've tried using a linkButton because it has server side events

When the main page reloads and returnView = true, it uses the Last_Vars to
requery and go back to where they left off.

If the returnView was not set from the Rank page it is assumed (this may be the
problem) that it's a "Go Up a Level" which simply renders the current view - 1

Originally this was a javascript goback, but if one went in the following

main --> down level on main --> "Up lvl" (javascript back) on main all was good,

main --> Rank ---> main, "Up lvl" would be goback to Rank, which is bad.

So, using the returnView differentiates either Go Up or Go Back.

Again, the problem is that the hyperlink in the main menu calls the Main pg,
which was just a reload of the top level, however now it assumes that since the
returnView is nothing and curentView has a value that it must be currentView -1
as in Up Lvl, rather than "TOP Level"

If there was a way to know if I clicked the link from either the Rank or Main pg
then I could set the go back or up conditions and also detect a top lvl as the
lack of an up lvl.



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