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GridView Height

Ben Schumacher
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The rows in my gridview are not holding their height as specified in the
<RowStyle height="18"/> and <AlternatingRowStyle height="18"/>. This occurs
when I have maybe 2 or 3 records in my gridview control, but the height
propery of the gridview control is set to like 150. I just want the rows to
vertically align to the top and list out down the grid. Instead, the rows
automatacally adjust their height to fill in the extra space in the grid.
How can I stop this?

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GridViews display tabular data and are rendered as tables (at least in
IE). The gridview rows are rendered as <tr> elements within the
<table>...You get the idea.

Do you want to have an empty space at the bottom when the total rows
are less than ceiling(150/1?
To achieve that look, gridview would have to render an extra row + a
cell that spans the entire of this extra row which fills the remaining
space in height.

It might just be possible to achieve what you want by showing the
gridview footer and making the footer height fill this extra space.
Someone more expert than I in html/css might be able to help you with
the style needed.
Then you can modify your gridview's <FooterStyle> accordingly.


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