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What are the IDictionary parameters for DataSourceView.Update meth

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I am trying to write a custom control in VS2005 with C#. The control
displays a list of fields bound to a custom object. The display works great,
but I can't figure out the IDictionary values that need to be passed to the
DataSourceView.Update method. My code looks like this:

protected override void PerformUpdate(IShippingAddress dataItem)
dataItem.ShipToMethod = (ShipToMethods) ShipToMethodField.Value;

DataSourceView view = GetData();

// HACK: This is a kludge because we can't find anyone
// that knows how to use these IDictionary parameters
view.Update(new Hashtable() ,
new Hashtable() ,
new Hashtable() ,
new DataSourceViewOperationCallback(delegate(int count ,
Exception exception)
return true;

//Throw an event to inform anyone who cares
OnAddressChanged(new AddressChangedEventArgs(dataItem));

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