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UserControls via LoadControl within a TreeView

Keith Patrick
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I'm trying to do the old "dynamically create controls via LoadControl don't
fire events" thing, but whereas normally, I could put some code in the
viewstate handlers to put the controls back into the control hierarchy
during initialization, the problem in my case is that my base control is a
TreeView, and a TreeView cannot have controls in its Controls collection
(each node contains a usercontrol). Because of that, while I can create the
controls during LoadViewState just fine, I have no place to put the controls
(such as the Controls collection of a parent) that would result in the
events getting wired in. I'm not aware of a way to manually add the event
handlers (i.e. what does OnInit call that wires in the events), so where
could I store the usercontrols to allow them to get initialized with rest of
the control and thus connected to its event handlers?

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Keith Patrick
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I found a solution...head-slappingly simple:

override TreeView.CreateControlCollection() to return a regular
ControlCollection, and the controls can be added, getting hooked into the
event system.

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Keith Patrick
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OK, I found a solution after overriding a ton of methods in both the tree
and the node. Basically, I missed one key override:
CreateControlCollection(), which, by replacing with a standard "new
ControlCollection(this)", allows me to deposit my controls there so that
they get hooked into the event system OnInit.

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