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Which Data Web Control to Use?
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I'm working on my first complex data web control page. I've used Repeaters
and DataGrids several times in the past for the standard "display database
table data and allow in place editing". This next part is a bit more
involved and I'm unsure how to proceed.

For each facility, we have zero to many escape capsules. Each escape
capsule, at any given time, has zero or one Captains and zero or one First
Mates. Part of my requirements are to make the interface for this
application mimic the current interface, which was written in "traditional"

I need, for each escape capsule, the following: one line that has (1) the
escape capsule name (up to 5 chars), (2) a dropdownlist with the names of
everyone assigned to the escape capsule except the First Mate (this ddl is
used to choose the Captain), and (3) the count of people assigned to the
escape capsule. Then there must be a second line with a dropdownlist
directly below the first. This ddl has the names of all assigned to escape
capsule except the Captain and it is used to select the First Mate.

An additional requirement is that these ddls be enabled for editing at any
time. In other words, they can currently just select a new name from the
list and have it update without having to click on an Edit and Update

Which control would be best for this? How would I set it up to be editable
at any given time?

Any help is appreciated.



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