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I can't dynamically add items to a DataGrid/DataList/Repeater in C#.
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Here is what I am trying to do. I have a web page with a bunch of
ListBoxes. When a user clicks on a ListItem in any one of these
ListBoxes I want to add info from that ListItem into a
datagrid/datalist/repeater. In the same row I want to add a dropdown
box and a couple other columns. So basically I want each row to
consist of the following columns:

Text, TextBox, TextBox, DropDown

First, which is better to use for this - a repeater, a datagrid, or a

Second, how can I add this dynamically?

I have tried this simple example just to see if I could add anything to
the repeater dynamically:

ArrayList values = new ArrayList();


rptSelections.DataSource = values;

After the databind I see the item in the repeater but it doesn't show
on the page. I can't get it to display even though it seems to be
there. Any idea why?

I've been working .Net for about a year but haven't worked with these
controls. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!
Also, are there any good books that cover the above three controls
really well?

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