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Register directive for custom web control in VS 2005 Beta 2
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I'm trying to write some basic forms using VS 2005 Beta 2, and have a
need for dropdownlists where the texts are localized both in and out.
I'm thinking the best way to accomplish this is to write a custom
dropdownlist that does the localizing on-the-fly. What I have written
is a web control library that contains a class like this:

Namespace MCE.WebControls

Public Class TranslatedDropDownList
Inherits Web.UI.WebControls.DropDownList

End Class

End Namespace

I have then compiled and deployed the DLL to my ASP .NET project. My
register directive looks like this:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="mce" Namespace="MCE.WebControls"
Assembly="MCE.WebControls" %>

Upon attempting to use the control in the .aspx page, I get the warning
"The active schema does not support the element". I know this is a
known issue with IntelliSense not having the correct schema
information. The problem is, all the articles on this topic talk about
updating asp.xsd, which doesn't exist anywhere on my dev machine. Has
the procedure been changed in VS 2005 Beta 2? I can't compile the
project so the component won't work until I presumably fix the schema.

Also, as much as I love inheriting and writing custom controls, maybe
there's a better way to do this?


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Teemu Keiski
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in fact VS.NET 2005 should be able to get the schema automatically without
external XSD file (it uses reflection to dig that from the
referenced/registered assembly). At least it has worked with my control
projects, I've tried with it. Inspired by your question I tried it again and
it does work for me. I have separate Web Control Library project which I use
on a web project.

Teemu Keiski
ASP.NET MVP, AspInsider
Finland, EU

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