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Problem with Uri.MakeRelative() method

Nathan Sokalski
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When using the MakeRelative() method of the Uri class, I have noticed that
the Query and Fragment are never returned. I ran the following code and
recieved the following results:

Dim initialUri1 As New Uri("")

Dim initialUri2 As New Uri("")

Dim initialUri3 As New Uri("")

Dim fragmentUri As New Uri("")

Dim queryUri As New

Response.Write("Result for fragmentUri: " &
initialUri1.MakeRelative(fragmentUri) & "<br>")

Response.Write("Result for queryUri: " & initialUri1.MakeRelative(queryUri)
& "<br>")

Response.Write("Result for fragmentUri: " &
initialUri2.MakeRelative(fragmentUri) & "<br>")

Response.Write("Result for queryUri: " & initialUri2.MakeRelative(queryUri)
& "<br>")

Response.Write("Result for fragmentUri: " &
initialUri3.MakeRelative(fragmentUri) & "<br>")

Response.Write("Result for queryUri: " & initialUri3.MakeRelative(queryUri))

This gave me the following results:

Result for fragmentUri: dir1/index.aspx
Result for queryUri: dir1/index.aspx
Result for fragmentUri:
Result for queryUri:
Result for fragmentUri: ../index.aspx
Result for queryUri: ../index.aspx

As you can see, the correct path is always returned but the Query and
Fragment properties are completely ignored. Is there a way to return the
Query or Fragment without manually adding it?
Nathan Sokalski Removed)

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