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How do I refer to data from nested web user control?
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How do i perform a databind on a web user control within a repeater or
how can I access the datasource that is already bound? I have a web user
control that displays a table of values (the profile of a piece of
from SQLServer. I've used a repeater on the webform since a query (i.e. by
address) against the DB may return multiple machine profiles and I want to
use the repeater to display as many machine profiles as are returned by the

for each field in on the web user control I've tried using something like
the following to access each field value:

DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Name")
(where FIELD_NAME is the name of the column I'd like to reference.)

This method will work if I place the repeater on the web user control (and
make it public or create a property for its datasource) rather than the
webform but what I'd like to do is to create the repeater control on my
webform and then include the webusercontrol inside the repeater's item
template. However, when I do this the above method for refering to the
value no longer works. I get error messages saying that container is not a
member of web.ui.controls. I found a semi-relavent posting which suggested

DataBinder.Eval(Container, "DataItem.FIELD_NAME")

However this does not work either. How can this be achieved?

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