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Trying to implment what I have in ASP.NET 1.1 in ASP.NET 2.0 and am lost!
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I have a collection of pages and user controls in a separate project that I
compile and use in a sub folder of a all my projects. This is a collection
of re-usable modules that I use on every project I do.

The logic in the page is to load the related "core" user control, and if the
"site-specific" user control exists, load it too - most of the logic of the
"page" is in the user controls... for example, I have these pages/controls
in a project:

This simply has the logic to load the "/core/editPage.ascx" page and if the
"/ss/editPage.aspx" exists it loads it to. Also checks a flag to see if the
"core" page is turned on, if not, only loads "site-specific" page. Also has
the logic to call the "save" method on the "core" and "site-specific" user

Has a collection of text boxes and logic to save their values.

Option 1 - New user control that has a couple extra text boxes on it that is
unique to a site and the logic to save the extra data.
Option 2 - A copy of /core/editPage.ascx, re-arranges the controls (or hides
a few controls) per the needs of the site and "inherits" from the
/core/editPage.ascx code behind - "core" user control is flagged as "off"

This is a key component to my framework and allows me to reuse a ton of
functionality and quickly/easily change it on a site per site basis.

I have no idea now to implement something like this in .NET 2.0 - I was able
come up with a way to load the "core" and "site-specific" user controls with
out a problem, but now if I have to "override" the core page, basically
Option 2 from above, then I have no idea how to have the "site-specific"
control inherit from the "core" control...

Any ideas would be great, thanks!

Nayt Grochowski

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