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no really smart controls in v2 ? (out-of-band communication)

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I have just read the new functionality list in ASP.Net v2 : I have
been very disappointed to not see any real support for out-of-band
communication between the client and the server. Nothing for creating
efficient interface la gmail easily. True, there is something like
ICallbackEventHandler but the communication with the server is very

It seems there is still no easy way to update the client controls
without this good old postback and full page refresh. However, the
technology seems to exist at Microsoft : the WUS (Windows Update
Service) administration page is very impressive and updates without
any postback.

Am I missing something about v2 ? Is anyone aware of a
framework that helps creating web pages la gmail/wus ?


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Secret Squirrel
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Yeah, I was looking this over too.

What exactly would you want?

Jon Paugh

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"Secret Squirrel" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed)>...
> Yeah, I was looking this over too.
> What exactly would you want?
> Jon Paugh

A framework that would have allowed :
- to keep the update processing in the server for browser independance
(no javascript)
- to take care of sending to the client the updates done on the page

ideally, the framework would have used the postback strategy for
clients not supporting this technology (ie not supporting
DHTML+XmlDocument loading/posting)

The idea :
1) server sends to the client an html page as does it
2) user clicks on a button for updating a label. The event is sent
back out of band to the server
3) the usual button_onclick method is called, all modifications done
to the page are stored and send back to the client
4) the client applies the modifications

That does not seem to be so hard
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