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listbox add/remove items

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language: c#

ok this has been driving me crazy for too long now!!!

on my page i have 2 listboxes along with an add button and a remove button

the idea is i can add items from listbox1 into listbox2 and i can remove
items from listbox2 only

listbox1 is populated from my database which contains a list of cars

on clicking the add button, the value from the selected item in listbox1 is
inserted into a new table, which in turn populates listbox2, which all works

but when you click the add button i want the selected item from listbox1 to
be removed from listbox1, but i need this to be the case when the user
leaves the page & then comes page

so what iam thinking is:

when the page loads,
- loop through listbox2
- get item[i] in listbox2
- look at listbox1 and remove the matching item


//if !Page.IsPostBack

for(int i=0; i<listbox2.Items.Count; i++)


string vSel = listbox2.Items[i].Text;

listbox1.Items.Remove(listbox1.Items.FindByText(vS el).ToString());


just starting c#, any help much appriciated

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