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DataList repeat direction and binding to multiple objects

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Description1_____true_________ _true__________true___
Description2_____true_______ __ true__________false___
Description3_____true_______ _ _true__________true______
Description4_____true________ __true__________false_____
Description5_____true________ __true__________true____

I am trying to generate a datalist containing checkboxes. A company record
contains the company name (companyN) and a collection of boolean(checkbox)
fields. This company information needs to be represented in columns. I
achieve this by using the RepeatDirection =Vertical property and setting the
number of columns to the number of records returned from my query.

In the left most column I need to have a list of descriptions coming from a
separate datasource. How would I append a column to the left that has a
different datasource (and datatype String)? I noticed that when I use table
structure HTML in my datalist the RepeatDirect Fails and it display
horizontally. How do I have more control in how my checkboxes are displayed
in the itemtemplates? How do I display a header template? How do I get it
all to sit neatly in a table format?

Thanks in advance.

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