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Hi everyone,

I'm neck deep in ASP.NET and sinking fast Any help much

I have two user controls on a page that I want to communicate with each
other. One control is called RoleList and allows the user to select
the type of view they wish to see on the page. The other control(s) -
sometimes there may be several - then change the stored proc, query etc
they use to extract info from sql.

Therefore, I have set up the RoleList to generate an event and coded
the other control(s) to listen and recieve it.

The problem is timing. I've done some tracing to see what happens and

1 Begin Init
2 End Init
3 Begin LoadViewState
4 End LoadViewState
5 Begin ProcessPostData
6 End ProcessPostData
7 Control ID: RoleList - role was previously set in the viewstate:
8 Control ID: StudentList - role was previously set in the viewstate:
9 Begin ProcessPostData Second Try
10 End ProcessPostData Second Try
11 Begin Raise ChangedEvents
12 End Raise ChangedEvents
13 Begin Raise PostBackEvent
14 Changing role to: Secretary
15 Control ID: RoleList - changed role to: Secretary
16 Control ID: StudentList - changed role to: Secretary
17 End Raise PostBackEvent
18 Begin PreRender
19 End PreRender
20 Begin SaveViewState
21 End SaveViewState
22 Begin Render
23 End Render

Line 7 and 8 came from the page_load event in each control.

Line 14 came from the event being fired and the next two is where the
event is caught.

But the Load event (which contains the data binding for the list /
grids etc) for the response has already happened! Therefore the user
must click the role they want to see TWICE!!!

I could probably make some public properties in the base page and
read/write info from them to get around this. But this will mess up my
otherwise quite low coupling and I don't want to.

Thanks in adv.


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