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Help needed(getting the html drop down list value in c# servercode)

Raghu Raman
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in my aspx page ,i am creating a html select(dropdown list) in runtime
and assigning the datasource to it.The control is displayed nice.the
control is created in the Infragistics Grid cell*

But i need to get the value selected from this html drop down list also
thru my server side event.

Herewith i 've given the code snippet for your glance.

Application[Appsid] = "";

Application[Appsid] = Application[Appsid] +
"<option Value=''" + dr1[0] + "''>" +
dr1[1] + "</option>";
//Coltype="<asp:dropdownlist ID='lstSelItem' visible='true'
height=100px DataTextField=''" + dr1[0] + " DataValueField=''" + dr1[1]
+ " pkgID width =150px runat='server'></asp:dropdownlist>";
Coltype="<Select name='" + Appsid + "' ID='" + Appsid + "'
OnServerChange='drbchanged_ServerChanged' runat='server' style='WIDTH:
100px; HEIGHT: 32px top=14'> " + Application[Appsid] + " </select>";
//Coltype="<Select ID='" + Appsid + "' runat='server' onblur='var
h=document.getElementById('Hdc'); h=document.forms[0]." + Appsid +
".options[document.forms[0]." + Appsid +
".selectedIndex].text;style='WIDTH: 100px; HEIGHT: 32px top=14'> " +
Application[Appsid] + " </select>";



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