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how to set media player loop play?

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Hello, everyone:

I need to play a video looply in a webpage, if I use:

<embed src='1.avi' id='videoPlayer' hidden='false' height='456' width='608'
autostart='true' type='video/x-shockwave-flash/avi' loop='true'></embed>";

it works well when the default player is windows media player, but some
computer is realplayer and causes problem.

if I try to use:

<OBJECT ID=""videoPlayer"" hidden='false' WIDTH='608' HEIGHT='456'
STANDBY=""Loading Windows Media Player components...""

<PARAM NAME=""FileName"" VALUE=""1.avi"">
<EMBED hidden='false' height='456' width='608' autostart='true'
NAME=""videoPlayer"" loop='true'

I find it not easy to set the player to play looply, can anyone help me?



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